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Wintry Mix

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 in Blog

Hello Knitters, Weavers, and Crafters!

Want to get a heads start on your holiday shopping/gift making? The weeks before Christmas are a great time to start stocking up on yarns and project ideas to match that special someone, whether it be mittens, cowls, sweaters, or even mug cozies. Check out our website for free downloadable patterns that can be mixed and matched with all of our available yarns.

Made in America Yarns is always working on creating the very best wool yarns for your winter projects. Our American Lamb bulky wool is made from the best quality merino wool roving and is the perfect yarn to create soft and warm garments or accessories.

For your other winter projects, such as socks, look for our Wayfarer wool yarns! This fingering weight wool has a buttery hand and is a pleasure to knit. Perfect to knit a pair of cozy socks or mittens, the colors are perfect for color working, and they come in a rainbow assortment of colors!


We have a wide variety of novelty yarns that can be added to your projects for an extra pop of color and texture. We have been playing around with our Rayon Seed Yarn adding it to a bulky weight yarn to make a slouchy hat. We love how the black binder in the seed yarn practically disappears and all that is left are the pops of hot pink throughout the fabric. For fun, try weaving our novelty yarns with Wayfarer to get an interesting and unique effect!


Happy crafting!