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Wool Crepe FunFair

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Product Description

Wool crepe is a standard yarn that we are always producing, but we try to add some glitz and glamour to create interesting effects. That is exactly what this yarn is. This novelty wool crepe yarn is especially fun and funky with its polyester and nylon seed yarn wrapped around wool. The bumpy seeds add a fun texture to any project, whether it be machine knitting, crocheting, and weaving.

Contents: 70% wool | 15% Rayon | 15% polyester

YPP:  2200  yards per pound

Weight: about .90 lbs to 1.1 lbs  per cone

WPI: 16-17

Cone Closeouts: Price is for one cone.  Cone weights range from from .90 lb – 1 lb

Please note: All sales on closeouts are final! Photos show an example of the color you will receive, actual cone type may vary. Colors can vary based on your monitor settings – we do our best to try to match the colors accurately.