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Monotone Wrapped Cotton/Rayon/Poly Yarn

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Product Description

This wrapped cotton yarn is fun and funky available in 3 shades: confetti, rustic, and black & white. It macrames beautifully and may be interesting to crochet, knit or weave with. It’s got a lot of energy to it so expect it to bias when you are working with it. It can also be used for machine knitters.

Contents: Cotton, Rayon, Polyester

YPP: 1460 yards per pound

Weight: about 0.6-0.9 lbs per cone

Please note: All sales on closeouts are final! Photos show an example of the color you will receive, actual cone type may vary. Colors can vary based on your monitor settings – we do our best to try to match the colors accurately.

Cone Closeouts by the Cone: Price is by the cone.