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Twisting Metallic Yarn!

Posted on Aug 5, 2021 in About Our Yarn

Today we’re working with wool crepe and chenille yarns to create new, metallic yarns!

This is done by twisting the yarn together with metallic strands. In this post, you can see the process from choosing yarns to the end result!



The first step is picking what yarns to use! We chose a navy wool crepe and a white chenille yarn for this project:


In order to use the metallic yarn twisting machine, the yarns need to be on cones. A skein is placed on the round metal frame at the top of the machine and fluffed out so that it isn’t too tight. Then, the end of the yarn is threaded down through the machine and secured to an empty cardboard cone.

With the press of a button, the skein begins to spin and begins winding onto the cone.

Here are some pictures of the process!


After that’s done, it’s time to start twisting!


Threading the Metallic Twist Machine

We decided to pair the navy yarn with a gold metallic and the white chenille with a black metallic.

The yarns are placed at the bottom of the machine and the end of the yarn is threaded up and through the center of the metallic spool. Both the metallic and the original yarn are then secured to an empty cone.

In the picture above, you can see the yarn has been passed up through the center. This setup allows the metallic yarn to wrap circularly around the original yarn as it unravels from the spool.



It begins! See how the newly twisted yarns are being placed on the cone?


We’re getting somewhere!!


Depending on how thin the yarn is, it may take a while.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait as long as we did to see the results.


The Final Product!

Here’s how they turned out! The choices of metallic provide such a nice contrast for each of these colors!