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New website features!!

Posted on Jul 27, 2021 in Newsletter
You may have noticed some changes to our website…
Here are our new features!!

Color Swatches!

This organized layout makes it super easy to look
through everything on our website!
Take a look at our ripple yarn, for example:You can see the kind of yarn it is and also what colors it’s available indirectly below it.

By clicking on any of the color swatches, you can preview each yarn color right on the shop page!

On product pages: When selecting a color of yarn with multiple yardage options, the yardage available in that color will be presented beneath the color swatches.

WPI Pictures!

In the description of each yarn, you can now find a
picture of each yarn wrapped around a ruler.
WPI means “wraps per inch”, which is the number of times each yarn can wrap around a ruler in a one-inch segment.

We used these pictures to calculate yarn weights (bulky, Aran, worsted, etc).

Keep an eye out for more information on yarn weights coming soon!!