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New Projects and Posts! Happy Pride Month + Juneteenth!

Posted on Jul 26, 2021 in Newsletter

How cool is this rainbow water bottle bag?
We have a new post on our website to show you how we made it!


We are also celebrating Juneteenth this weekend. This is a day commemorating the emancipation of slaves in the United States. Consider supporting these BLACK-OWNED YARN SHOPS and YARN DYERS
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Need a Project Idea?

Check out this new section on our website!

There, you can see more about how this water bottle bag was made!

For now, here’s a peek at the process:

For this project, we used:

Starting it Off

The creation of this bag starts with a crocheted circle, which is made by increasing the stitches so it lays flat.

Once this circle is slightly larger than the water bottle, the amount of stitches stays the same, and begins to form a cylindrical shape!!

Bringing in the Rainbow

After crocheting with the black yarn, it’s time to add some pops of color!
Each color is used for two rows, and then the black yarn is used for one row.

In the picture below, you can see each of the stripes as they’re made.
Also, you can see what each color means on the rainbow flag!

Making the Bag’s Strap

The strap for this bag started as a long chain stitch. 5 rows of single crochet stitches were added to create a sturdy strap for the bag.

Combining the Pieces

Lastly, it’s time to put it all together!
The straps are secured to the top of the bag with crochet stitches, but just to be safe, some black yarn is used to sew them in place as well.

The Final Product!!

Check out how fun and vibrant the rainbow looks in combination with the black metallic yarn! We love how this turned out!

Click here to see the full post on our website!