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Straight Yarn

Posted on Jun 28, 2021 in About Our Yarn


Straight yarn is a favorite of many yarn lovers. Its consistently even width and texture make for a lovely addition in projects, whether they are woven, knitted, crocheted, embroidered, or more.

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Within this category, there are a bunch of fun variations you can achieve by switching up the number of single strands twisted together in the yarn and/or changing the direction of the twist.

Plied Yarn

When a yarn has multiple single strands of yarn twisted together, it is called a plied yarn!

Here is an example of a 2-ply yarn. As you can see, there are two smaller yarns that have been plied together. 

Here are more examples of straight, plied yarn!

These are both 4-ply:

Some plied yarns are even twisted again with other plied yarns to create cool color effects!

This one below is made up of four 3-ply strands! 


Plied Yarn with Different Components

 Within a yarn, different components or fiber types can be plied together, too! Even if both plies are the same color, these different components add depth because each component has its own sheen/texture.

A great example of this is our Duotone Rayon yarn which has two different types of rayon! 

You can see a similar effect in our wool crepe yarn, this time with rayon and wool! 

S or Z Twist

The direction that these yarns are plied in is referred to as an “S” twist or a “Z” twist. They’re named this because the diagonal direction of the twist mimics either of these letters. 

The direction of the twist impacts the way your projects look! For example, while crocheting with a Z twist yarn, the yarn will be twisted tighter while working, but with an S twist, the yarn will slowly become looser as you work.