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Our Dye House

Posted on Jun 22, 2021 in About Our Dye House

Welcome to our dye house!

After creating and testing dye formulas in our lab, it’s time to move on to dyeing bigger batches of yarn.

While in the lab, every measurement is made very carefully because these same recipes will be replicated during this process on a much larger scale. Click here to read the full article about our lab!

Meet our team of dedicated machines!


The Package Dyer

The package dyer dyes yarn that is already wound on cones.

It seems unlikely for the dye to reach all the way through to the center of the cone, but have no fear! The plastic centerpieces have an open, grid-like surface that helps the dye get to where it needs to go. In the pictures below, you can see them a little better.

The result is an evenly dyed cone of yarn!


Skein Dying Machines

There are multiple skein dyeing machines, and each one used for different weights of yarn. The skeins are placed inside and submerged into the dye formula. The small tubes used in the dye lab are like a miniature version of this process!

Here’s how the yarn is set up for this machine. The looseness of the skeins helps to result in a nice, even color. 


The Extractors

These extractors take the excess water out of the yarn after the dyeing process!


The Controls

This is the control board for the dye house and the “brain” of these operations.
Each of the machines and their settings can be controlled with these buttons!