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New Blue Yarn! Learn More About Our Dye Lab!!

Posted on Jun 24, 2021 in Newsletter
We were DYE-ing to show you more,
so we’re giving you an inside look at our dye house!!
And you can learn even more in our NEW blog post!
Feeling Blue?
Cheer up with our new blue popcorn yarn!


Introducing “BLUEBERRY PUFF”!!

We’ve dyed our popcorn yarn a new color! 

Check out below to see how it turned out!
Or click on either picture to see it on our website!



Our Dye Lab


Our process starts with finding the color(s) we would like to create. If we don’t already have a recipe, our color scanner helps us out in making one!


Getting the yarn ready consists of multiple, equally important steps!
We need to measure out the yarn and weigh it to make sure it is 8.0 grams.


Then, the yarn reelings are wrapped around these metal rods and soaked in water, which will allow the dye to properly absorb into the yarn.


We follow the recipes closely to make sure we have the right measurements of salt, water, and colors in each. And then, into the machine it goes!


The dye is put into a metal or glass tube, along with the yarn on the metal rods. The rods move up/down and clockwise/counterclockwise, and the water on the outside of the tubes increases steadily from 100°F to 200°F.



After all of these steps, the process is complete! The new and improved yarns here are showing off their new look!