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National Hug Your Cat Day! New Featured Collection!

Posted on Jun 22, 2021 in Newsletter

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day! 
Cat-owner or not, anyone can appreciate our Cat Combo Twist yarn and chenille yarn. 
We also have a new featured collection on our website!


Our Cat Combo Twist combines a variety of textures and different colors, and as the name suggests, it mimics the aftermath of an energetic cat playing with yarns. 



And our chenille yarns are just as smooth and soft as our furry friends!
(Whether they’ve got a crazy coat of fur or not.)



Together, both of these yarns work beautifully to create super-soft fabrics, like these knitted ones here!


Cool & Colorful Collection!

Now featuring a collection of 100% cotton and 100% rayon yarns!
Access them easily with our new home page buttons and get inspired for summer! Click the image below to check it out!