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Celebrate Diversity! + New Website Feature!

Posted on Jun 21, 2021 in Newsletter

World Diversity Day is a time to celebrate and embrace other cultures and to appreciate the values of diversity. In our collection of yarns, each one has its own special traits that make them all unique, just like all of us!

Here’s more about our different yarn effects! 

We have a new filtering feature on our website, and you can now search for yarns by these effects and also by color!


Straight yarn is often plied and has a consistently smooth, even surface.



As its name suggests, this yarn’s texture features spontaneous loops and bumps along its surface.



Undulating yarns are made with one or more looser yarns being plied with a tighter yarn, which creates this fun, wavy texture. 



French for “caterpillar”, which is what it looks like! This yarn is constructed of thinner strands twisted around small fibers to make it soft and fuzzy. 



These yarns are made with tiny knit stitches. They can be a really long knitted chain stitch, or be wider with multiple columns of stitches.



Nub yarns consist of a repeating pattern of bumps along the yarn, which makes an interesting contrast with the thin core. 



A yarn featuring nubs that have been plied with another yarn, creating small pops of color/texture within it.



Slub yarn is spun to intentionally have varying thick and thin sections, resulting in a soft variation in texture.



Introducing a new easy-to-use filtering feature on our website! Now, you can search for yarns by both effect and by color, so you can find the exact one you’re looking for.

This is located in the drop-down menu of our “Shop” section!