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Cozy November

Posted on Nov 26, 2019 in Newsletter

Hello Crafters!

November marks the end of Fall. As we transition into the colder winter months, the words warmth and coziness come to mind. Are you currently on the hunt for yarn for your next project? Keep us in mind! 

Our Wayfarer line is the most unique non-super wash sock yarn. This wool yarn is perfect at providing insulative properties which makes it a no brainer for winter accessories.We are offering $15 dollars off a $50 dollar purchase through December 3rd using the code: WAYFARER

Our Wayfarer yarn has recently been tested by Susan C Wright an experienced Textile Artist who has pursued the craft for over 40 years and who has also been knitting for 60 years. She’s currently working with our wayfarer yarn and regularly posts her progress and findings about this yarn. You can follow her on Instagram : @cattylonglegs  Here’s what she has to say:

“Wayfafer is a 100% Merino fingering yarn that’s not like anything I have used before. It has two of my favorite qualities (100% merino wool & non-superwash) First thing to notice is that this is not plied. It is a 6 strand yarn that is twisted, an extremely unique feature of sock yarn that is due to the equipment at the spinnery. It makes for a very round yarn that is smooth to the hand and has a very soft feel. Wayfafer yarn itself feels more like a wool-cotton blend rather than a 100% wool yarn” – Susan C Wright 



Try it yourself with the Here and There shawl, pictured below using Wayfarer (coral reef)!