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Company History

Posted on Apr 1, 2017 in Blog

It’s not just a name – it’s a statement.

Made in America Yarns

We know that making something by hand is about more than the finished item, it’s about the love and time that go into making the item. From designing the yarn to dyeing it, all of our yarns are proudly made right here in the United States.  For any curious subscriber, here is a brief explanation about what goes into making our yarns:

Huntingdon Yarn Mill – our facility company history

Founded in 1938 by Birckenbach family, HYM (Huntingdon Yarn Mill) is the only company in the US that has all 3 divisions under one roof. For every division, it has been able to convert and upgrade some of the oldest textile machinery to respond to today’s demand, without the loss of precision which is not available with today’s high speed machines.

Raw Materials:

Our raw material is purchased from farmers and spinners located in America, we ensure the highest quality of materials to go into each and every yarn we manufacture.

Novelty Yarn-Making Process:

Making a novelty yarn involves twisting at least 3 strands of the same or different yarns together in order to combine the properties of the 3 strands.
When a new novelty yarn is designed, a small sample is made to send to a customer to knit or weave for approval before it goes into production.

Dye process:

We use one of the oldest and most precise methods of dyeing, referred to as skein dyeing.
To dye the yarn, it must be wound into hanks, and then loaded into the carrier ready for dye process.

Steps for Dyeing
-First wash the yarn at 110⁰F for 30 minutes
-Empty the machine
-Fill it up, and at 100⁰F add the dye
-Run for 20 minutes and raise the temperature at 2 degrees per minute to 200⁰F
-Run for another 30 minutes
-The yarns must be hung and dried in a well-controlled environment

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Be sure to check out our mill ends and seconds on our website under the CLEARANCE tab. Happy Crafting!