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Designer Series: Irene Adler Pillow

Posted on Feb 3, 2014 in Blog

It was hard to not post about this pattern in the middle of the night on Friday, and even harder to not post it on Sunday right after Sherlock was on.

The Irene Adler Pillow pattern by Robin Allen is a gorgeous, cabled throw pillow filled with crossing and recrossing cables. The detailed texture is sure to make any couch look like a designer couch. The deep red of our Wine Glass color of American Lamb looks stunning in Robin’s pattern. Robin has been amazing to work with! She is both witty and funny, I hope I get to meet her at an upcoming fiber event. Until now, I had no idea she also writes her own humorous mystery series! She is a very multi-talented woman for sure.


What could be better than watching British drama while knitting with 100% American Merino yarn? Maybe snuggling with the pillow afterwards!

This pillow takes only 3 skeins of our American Lamb to make, plus five buttons. The pattern costs $3.99 and you can purchase it at your local yarn shop (LYS) that participates in the Ravelry Instore pattern program or online. Remember, all of the patterns featured in our designer series can be purchased this way, helping to give your local shop a little boost.

Happy crafting,