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Crochet Plant Hanger

Posted on Jul 15, 2021 in Project Ideas

Calling all yarn lovers with plants!
This one combines these two hobbies in a quick and fun project!



– We chose to use our stormy yarn in the color beeswax.

– 6.5 mm crochet hook

– A plant!




Beginning the Base

The hanger being in this made is for a 4-inch pot. It starts with a slipknot and a chain of 7 stitches. The first and last stitches are then joined to create a loop. This is the center of the base!

Working around this, single crochet stitches are created by crocheting around the chain stitch.

Next, a small chain of 7 stitches is created and then connected back to the ring about one-fifth of the way around the circumference. This is repeated until there are five small loops around the center. Like this:

Using the same technique we used for the ring, single crochet stitches are made around each of five loops. Between each loop, a stitch is made to connect back to the center ring.

As you can see below, this step provides more structure to the design compared to only using the chain stitch.


Continuing the Base

Starting from the center of one of these loops, a chain of 12 stitches is created and then joined to the center of the next one, and this is continued until there are five loops. The next step is crocheting around each of these like in the previous row of loops.

These two steps (creating loops and single crocheting around them) are repeated once more for a final row. Below, you can see how the final base of the plant hanger looks after this is completed.

Any loose ends are sewn in, and this is ready for the next step!


Finishing the Plant Hanger

The base is done! The hard part is over and now, it just needs the final steps.

A long piece of yarn is secured to the center of a loop and then used to create a long chain stitch. And you guessed it, this is repeated for the remaining four. 

All of these chained yarns are secured with a tight knot at the top.

Two smaller chains are crocheted using the remaining loose ends at the top. A final knot then secures the plant hanger at the very top.



It’s done!!

Think of all the wonderful plant hangers that can be made with different fun yarns!