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Plant hanger w/ stormy yarn! 🌱

Posted on Jul 27, 2021 in Newsletter

We’re back with exciting news! 
We have a new project idea to share with you!

Click here to see the blog post or read below to see an overview of the process!


Starting the Base:

After starting with a small chain, the first and last stitches are connected to form a circle. Then, single crochet stitches are created by working around the chain.
This same technique of chaining stitches and then crocheting around them is repeated to make loops around the edge of the circle.

the Base: 

Let’s do this two more times, but bigger this time.

Heres once more:

And here’s the second one!Now, the base for the plant hanger is done and it’s time to move on to the final steps!

Finishing the Plant Hanger!

A long piece of yarn is now secured to the center of each of the outside loops. Then, a long chain is created using this yarn.
Lastly, all 5 chains are secured in a tight knot. The remaining ends can be braided or used to make a big chain stitch, and then knotted again.
This makes a loop so you can hang up your new creation!


And it’s done! Here’s how it looks with a plant in it!

Click here to read the full blog post
for more pictures and detailed steps!!