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Product Description

Ramie is produced from the bark of the vegetative stalks. It is one of the bast fibre crops and is one of the oldest known fibers. Ramie has a silky luster and is pure white in colour. It is resistant to bacteria and mildew, absorbent, and comfortable to wear during hot summer months. Ramie can be washed and will gently soften with age. Ramie fiber does not like heat, so please do not put into the dryer but let it dry naturally.

Material: 100% Ramie

Cone Weight: .9 to 1.0 lb

Yardage/lb : 2200 YPP
WPI: 23


woven ramie yarn:
Inline image


Please note: All sales on closeouts are final! Photos show an example of the color you will receive, actual cone type may vary. Colors can vary based on your monitor settings – we do our best to try to match the colors accurately.