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Autumn Leaves

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Product Description

Style 1610

This Rayon Boucle Yarn would be ideal for weavers to use in their projects.  Also it can be used for knitting, or crocheting.

Contents: 100% rayon

YPP:  900 yards per pound


Style 5649

This yarn is a blend of flax. cotton, rayon. Flax is a component very similar to linen. This combination is a great yarn for weaving, crocheting, and knitting with a lovely sheen. This yarn is not dyed, so hand dyers can have fun experimenting with this yarn.

Contents: 26% flax |26% cotton | 48% rayon

YPP:  1400 yards per pound


Weight: about  0.5-0.7 lbs

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1610, 5649